The site provides a way for schools around the world to get started supporting the UN 2030 Goals through project-based learning.

The UN has already built out a wonderful site for educators looking to do a lesson on the UN 2030 Goals (check it out here at World’s Largest Lesson) – but this site will be a bit different because it focuses on PBL and global collaboration to spread awareness of the goals.

Here’s how you can Become a 2030 School:

1. Go to

2. Pledge to be a 2030 School and join the online community

3. Show your students the UN 2030 Schools Video (link here)

4. Have students break out and choose a goal that means something to them personally (what are they passionate about?)

5. Choose a project (we currently have a short 1-3 day project and a longer multi-week project that you can choose between)

6. Share what you’ve made, create awareness campaigns around your chosen goal, and collaborate with other students and classrooms around the world!

This is in the very beginning stages, but we are pumped.

Sixth graders in my district will be doing the mini-project this Spring and we are hoping to connect with schools from all over the world. The online community will be launching in December and we’ll have a map of all the 2030 Schools around the world!