Currently we have TWO projects that your class can use to get started supporting the UN 2030 Goals. Each project has been vetted by teachers and is currently used in schools.

  1. Project: Global Inform – A multi-week project where students create awareness campaigns using media to inform their school, community, and global audience of the UN 2030 Goals (often also raising money in support of organizations currently supporting one of the goals).

    More information on “Project: Global Inform” here.

  2. 2030 PSA (Public Service Announcement) Project – A shorter (2-3 class period) project where students choose a goal they are passionate about and get into groups. Then students research information surrounding that goal and create a Public Service Announcement to share out on YouTube and online supporting the cause.

    More information on the “2030 PSA Project” here.

We’d like to expand this project database to offer more projects that can be collaborative, creative, and for purpose.

If you have a project idea please share in the comments below and leave contact information so we can get in touch to add your project to our database!